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  • Matrix multiplication in CUDA Matrix multiplication is a fundamental building block for scientific computing. Moreover, the algorithmic patterns of matrix multiplication are representative. Many other algorithms share similar optimization techniques as matrix multiplication. Therefore, matrix multiplication is one of the most important examples ...
upon the insight that the matrix multiplication generally breaks the large matrix into multiple smaller tiles for parallel execution. We propose a tiling-friendly “tile-wise” sparsity pattern, which maintains a regular pattern at the tile level for efficient execution but allows for irregular, arbitrary pruning at the global scale

Aug 14, 2019 · Note that "emulation mode" has been removed as of CUDA Toolkit Version 3.1. CUDA model Host. A host contains zero or more CUDA-capable devices (emulation must be used if zero devices are available). It can run multiple CUDA processes, each composed of one or more host threads. A given host thread can execute code on only one device at once.

understanding of the CUDA memory model, the CUDA threading model, the GPU hardware performance features, and common data-parallel programming patterns. – Matrix multiplication codes goes from about 10 GFLOPS to about 120 GFLOPS through this period. – Programming assignments on convolution, vector reduction, and prefix scan through this period.
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  • Support for CUDA 10.0 Updates to documentation and more examples 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% nn t n t nn nt n t nn nt n t nn nt n t _nn _nt n t _nn _nt n t DGEMM HGEMM IGEMM SGEMM WMMA (F16) WMMA (F32) k > 90% Relative to Peak Performance CUTLASS 1.1 on Volta (GV100) High-performance Matrix Multiplication in Open Source templated CUDA C++
  • Matrix-vector multiplication. Functions applied element-wise to an array. Non-examples: Code with branch instructions (if, else, etc.) Code with recursive function calls (at least in Python) One reason why predictable code can be fast is that most CPUs have what is called a branch predictor in them, which pre-loads computation. If a branch is ...

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    GPU and CUDA Programming. GPU and CUDA examples used during the class; Matrix Multiplication Examples (both using global memory and shared memory) CUDA C Programming Guide; CUDA Toolkit documentation, which includes CUDA installation, C programming guide, APIs for cuBlas, cuFFT etc, tools, compiler SDK, and others.

    Comparison Table¶. Here is a list of NumPy / SciPy APIs and its corresponding CuPy implementations.-in CuPy column denotes that CuPy implementation is not provided yet.We welcome contributions for these functions.

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    Week Two: Memory Model for Locality, Tiling for Conserving Memory Bandwidth, Handling Boundary Conditions, and Performance Considerations, with programming assignment of simple matrix-matrix multiplication in CUDA C. Week Three: Parallel Convolution Pattern, with programming assignment of tiled matrix-matrix multiplication in CUDA C.

    ECE408/CS483/CSE408 Spring 2020 Applied Parallel Programming Lecture 4: Memory Model 1 © David Kirk/NVIDIA and Wen-mei W. Hwu, 2007-2018

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    Training for roof tile detection. ... Convert a Video.mp4 in a 2D Matrix where each row represents a frame. python3. ... Pixel-wise matrix multiplication. matrix. vector.

    We propose the Sliced Coordinate Format (SCOO) for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPUs.An associated CUDA implementation which takes advantage of atomic operations is presented.We propose partitioning methods to transform a given sparse matrix into SCOO format.An efficient Dual-GPU implementation which overlaps computation and ...

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    Trying to run a program to do Matrix Multiplication in CUDA. I think I have everything set up correctly and the program runs and executes. Problem is the output. Anyone see whats wrong with my code? Appearently the output matrix has a value of 0 no matter what the inputs are.

    (GPU programming) Basic Matrix multiplication in Cuda C (GPU programming) Tiled Matrix Multiplication in CUDA C (GPU programming) Vector Addition in Cuda C; Parallel List Scan in CUDA C; Tricks; Vector Addition with Streams; My Recent Reading Blog; Payment/Authentication in Android. Android Payment by using Braintree; Curl to HTTP POST Request ...

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    Matrices used by S. Williams et al for sparse matrix multiplication on GPUs. 14 matrices were used in the following paper: S. Williams, L. Oliker, R. Vuduc, J. Shalf, K. Yelick, J. Demmel, "Optimization of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Emerging Multicore Platforms", Parallel Computing Volume 35, Issue 3, March 2009, Pages 178-194.

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    Matrix Multiplication (cont.) 21 Optimization NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 No optimization 8.8 GBps 0.62 GBps Coalesced using shared memory to store a tile of A 14.3 GBps 7.34 GBps Using shared memory to eliminate redundant reads of a tile of B 29.7 GBps 15.5 GBps

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    Warp Matrix Multiply Add (WMMA) • Warp-wide macro-instructions. • All threads in the warp must be active. Performs matrix multiplication on 16x16 tiles (8x32x16 and 32x8x16 tiles also available) D = A x B + C A and B: FP16 only C and D: Same, either FP16 or FP32. C B A D 16 16 Using Tensor Cores in your CUDA code

    Cyclops Tensor Framework (MPI+OpenMP+CUDA) implicit for loops based on index notation (Einstein summation) matrix sums, multiplication, Hadamard product (tensor contractions) distributed symmetric-packed/sparse storage via cyclic layout Jacobi iteration (solves Ax = b iteratively) example code snippet Vector<> Jacobi(Matrix<> A,Vector<> b,intn)

Feb 12, 2012 · Matrix multiplication. The next ingredient we need is matrix multiplication. If A and B are a and a matrix, respectively, their product C=AB is a matrix – note the middle dimension has to match between the two. The element in row i and column j of matrix C is computed as the dot product of the i-th row of A and the j-th column of B, or in ...
CUDA Matrix Multiplication with Shared Memory. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
PARA473-4882012Conference and Workshop Papersconf/para/JankowskaS1210.1007/978-3-642-36803-5_36https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-36803-5_36https://dblp.org/rec/conf ...
This repository contains the code and scripts for verifying the claims in the paper "Design Principles for Sparse Matrix Multiplication on the GPU" accepted to the International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par) 2018. The related study involves the implementation of novel algorithms for sparse-matrix dense matrix multiplication (SpMM) on the GPU, considering ...